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Price Me Now TM

Price Me Now TM

Predict home sale prices to build your PropertyIQ.
Play a round of 10 'For Sale' houses and
demonstrate your market knowledge!

Welcome, New Player! To start building your PropertyIQ, predict the sales price of houses on the market today.
The rules are simple:

1) Pick an area to get started
2) Predict the sales price of real houses
3) See how you compare to other pricers!

Weekly Leaders

1 alex.mcgarry IQ 120
2 robtcn IQ 118
3 PanMeister IQ 114
10 You IQ 0
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Price Me Now is all about building and demonstrating your PropertyIQ, the definitive measure of how well you know the market.

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The price prediction, including the home value prediction, is not a representation or warranty of a home’s value, nor an opinion regarding the value of the home. All values and price predictions are merely part of the Price Me Now game and are not intended as an assessment of a home’s value, and should not be relied upon as such.
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